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Top 10 Celebrity Feuds | PIN MY WEB

  • Donald trump needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and Orlando with selena that’s just nasty

  • Im convinced Rosie Odonnal and Trump are the same person. Trying to distract us from all the freedoms that are being stupefied out of us.

  • Anakin Sky walker and sand
    Peter griffin and a chicken
    Homer and Ned Flanders
    Batman and Super man
    Marvel vs DC (jk It’s more like a massacre of DC)
    Jar Jar Binks and Starwars fans
    Justin Bieber and a Beaver
    Common sense and Donald Trump

  • I don’t know if i’d classify megan fox’s experience of sexual harassment and michael bay’s denial a feud…

  • Wendy Williams- Along with having the most undeserved wealth, you might just have one of the most unnecessary jobs in the world. Just think about it, while people are barely getting by doing hard labor, she has made millions by doing what billions of people do normally everyday- gossip. Her job is to take news that other news reporters have worked & reported on & just re-say it. That’s all. And she can’t even steal other people’s hard work on her own. She has writers & producers that do all that for her & all she does is show up, sit in a couch & then read stolen news off a video monitor. All while hard working people can’t buy food. Everytime I see that woman I want to vomit.

  • “Baby now we got bad blood..”. Groan.
    Anyone remember Eminem’s beefs? I think culture is in regression.

  • And Rosie probably cheated on her Wives.and I remember when Rosie hurt her finger and was put on Percs and she would talk about how great it is and everyone should get some. She was always talking about how great it made her feel. She was on in the afternoon talking about drugs and some kids probably asked their moms for some Percocet.

  • “No such thing as bad publicity” Yes there is, like scandals for instance. The feuds on this list, perhaps not, but that other thing…

  • Little does this slow know that the SHIT HEAD in the #2 Spot went on to have ALL his “Yes Men” tell him he’s POTUS… Goddamn it I wish I was fucking kidding!!! No, Rosie O’Donnell ISN’T president, as funny as THAT would’ve been!

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