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Celebrity Gossip: Kelly Ripa, Ashley Graham, Meghan King-Edmonds and More!

KELLY RIPA QUIT DRINKING AFTER RYAN SEACREST BECAME CO-HOST: On Monday’s Live With Kelly and Ryan, the 49-year-old host Kelly Ripa reveals that she has nixed alcohol. “They are saying Americans bought less wine in the last year,” she told co-host Ryan Seacrest. “It’s the first drop in a quarter of a century. Now, I believe this is because I quit drinking, that I caused this slip. I have influenced the market. I’m not saying I’ve driven people out. I’m saying I stopped buying wine and there’s a 25 percent dip.” But Seacrest says it’s him, noting that when he joined the show in 2017, she “quit drinking. What does that tell you? I don’t know…It that good or bad?”

ASHLEY GRAHAM WELCOMES FIRST CHILD: Supermodel Ashley Graham and husband Justin Ervin have welcomed their first child. Graham shared on social media: “At 6:00pm on Saturday our lives changed for the better. Thank you for all your love and support during this incredible time.” 

MEGHAN KING EDMONDS RESPONDS TO EX JIM ‘SEX SHAMING’ HER: Meghan King Edmonds is lashing out at her estranged husband Jim Edmonds after he accused her of telling “lies for publicity” when she opened up about having a threesome on her podcast Intimate Knowledge. Meghan, 35, told Page Six: “I never initiated anything,” Meghan, 35, exclusively told Page Six. “I went along with things because I thought that’s what he wanted. I wanted to feel as comfortable as possible. We only had one threesome and only once during our marriage and that was with his current girlfriend.” She continued: “I think his attempt to sex shame me illustrates the vile mind of this man. I am the mother of his children and to attempt to exploit deeply personal decisions we made as a couple is his attempt to damage the mother of his children and also attempts to demean me in the most vulnerable way possible: sex.”

RITA WILSON REVAMPS GLAM SQUAD: Rita Wilson, 63, has hired a new hair and makeup team after her glam squad was a no show at the Golden Globes. “Thank you @adriana_tesler,” she captioned a snap of herself wearing a red velvet dress. “For the glam and for always being on time.” Her angst before the Globes went viral as she live-tweeted her crazy wait time.

BATWOMAN COMES OUT: Batwoman is officially the first openly LGBTQ superhero in a lead role on a TV show. Batwoman (Ruby Rose) came out on Sunday’s show, titled “How Queer Everything Is Today!” Showrunner Catherine Dries told The Hollywood Reporter that she took inspiration from her wife’s coming out story: “I have always said that Kate and now Batwoman is the person that, obviously, I wish I had growing up and she is still the person I aspire to be. She is way more comfortable than I am. With Parker, the girl who pushes Kate to have Batwoman come out, I used my wife’s coming out story. A girl she was dating in high school got mad at her and called her mom and outed her. I felt like that was very relatable. It’s the idea of somebody who is not ready to come out yet, being weaponized against them.”

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